GLORY TO THE SERBS, French WW1 journee medal, 1916, EXCELLENT Condition

During the First World War, our Allies the Serbs were beset by enemies on all sides - Bulgars, Turks, Austrians and Germans - but they gallantly fought on. The British and French landed troops at Salonika and attempted to cut their way through to relieve them but failed. Still the Serbs fought, hopelessly against the odds. This medal is a "journee" which was sold on the streets of France to raise funds to relieve the Serbs, especially the civilian population, who suffered terribly.

The medal is of SILVERED BRONZE, diameter 1.4" (35mm), and shows Serbian refugees fleeing the action on the face with the legend "Gloire aux Serbes" (Glory to the Serbs). On the reverse are the arms of France and Serbia and the date 1916.

A rare and historic medal in EXCELLENT condition. A poignant reminder of that greatest of all conflicts, the First World War.

P&P £2.00, OVERSEAS £3.00.