GLORY - Wintergreen 1998 CD

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Jan Granwick guitars (ex- Clockwise )
Goran Edman lead and backing vocals (ex- Fortune (Sweden), Yngwie Malmsteen, Madison, AOR, Alien, Brazen Abbot, Crash The System, Crossfade, Geff, Kharma, Nikolo Kotzev, Jayce Landberg, Thomas Larrson, John Norum, Reingold, Snake Charmer, Street Talk, Talisman, Voices of Rock)
Jonas Ostman drums, percussion (ex- Dark Illusion, Yngwie Malmsteen )
Johan Granstrom bass
Mats Olausson keyboards (ex- ARK, Baltimoore, MVP, Bam Bam Boys, Geff, Great King Rat, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Radio Silence, Radioactive, Talk of the Town)

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