Glow 24" Softbox Octa - R Series #GL24R

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Item Includes Glow Softbox - Removable Inner Baffle - Outside Diffusion Panel - Carry Bag - Rods (8) - Glow 2 Year Warranty
Description Glow Softbox Octo 24" - R Series is an ideal source for individual portraits while doubling as a superstar on location. The 24" Octo combines the strength of a portrait key light while acting as a soft wrap, blending perfectly with additional fill soft lights. There is slightly more 'pop' added to contrast due to its tight reflector spec.
The most popular uses of this softbox shape are for close-ups and tight fashion, portrait, and beauty photography, plus, it's a natural for children. The highlight /shadow ratio is optimized with a concentrated focus of illumination from the special bowl reflector, reverse umbrella design. There is exceptional light efficiency in this design and the flattering results reveal human form with grace and warmth.
Glow Softbox Octo 24" materials and construction are superior. The critical ingredients in any softbox are the internal reflective fabric, the front diffuser/baffle and the shape of the box. Super strength silvered grid fabric finely line the interior surfaces of the box and add a crisp quality to the output.
Every Glow
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