GM Aztek Tent & Air Bed Mattress - NEW

Up for auction is this AZTEK Tent and Air Bed Mattress

I bought this set at an estate sale and it has never been taken out of it's original packing. The tent is still in it's box - GM#12497515, Tent Assembly, the Airbed still in plastic is model# 31000 Aztek with built in pump includes the inflating and deflating instructions and the part no. is 12489568. I have included the directions in the photos (they are also printed in French & Spanish), if you enlarge them you should be able to read them all. I am assuming this is a black tent as all the research I've done I've only seen them in black. The air mattress is black. I believe this is just a tent, NO additional canopy included. The originial shipping label is dated 12-11-03 and came from GM Accessories - Michigan. Please ask specific if you have them, I really don't know much more than what is stated. more

Additional Information

I opened the tent box at the request of some of you, it is complete - new, with the aztek carry bag, the tent does appear to be a dark blue/gray color. I have added another picture of the box contents. The air mattress has a patch kit included in the packaging. No actual dates but the shipping label is dated 12-03 so I'm assuming it's for a 01, 02 or 03 model Aztek.