GMP 1:48 Scale Diorama set. WW2 Pacific island P-40

Fantastic diorama set. already built painted and done with superb detail. A WW2 aircraft hardstand on a Pacific Island. The base is resin over wood, with a nice cherry wood trim assembly. on this is a nice GMP metal nameplate. The base is very well done sculpt of metal plating used to keep the aircraft from sinking into soft ground, in this case sand. On two corners are very good 3d relief sculpts of ground cover and locations to place two very very well sculpted palm trees. these are nice. included to arrange on the diorama are three very cool painted and detailed ground crewmen, shirtless and some in shorts. also included are oil drums, boxes, a work platform, a bag of extra loose sand to sprinkle around, large and small ammunition boxes, including some open with flexible belts of machine gun ammunition hanging out. There is even a mesh hammock to hang between the two palm trees! comes with all styro packing forms, and outer box. will wrap with shipping paper or perhaps if i can find one an outer box on request. will ship USPS Priority, but cost may be prohibitive.
This is a very exciting pre made diorama for the GMP 1:48 scale P-40 or any WW2 US pacific theater aircraft model in this scale will wrap