Goebel Friar Tuck Monk Flat Ashtray/w HOLE in back

The RF142 flat ashtrays, sometimes called spoon rests or tea bag holders, were made in two different molds. The most noticable difference in the molds is the hole in back of the older ashtrays. Apparently this hole was designed for hanging purposes. The older mold can be found with either toes or molded toes that have been painted black to look like shoes. These have flat feet and will stand alone, but I do not recommend this.

The later molds are more rounded on the sides and the feet are also rounded up under the bottom. This later version of the friar and the cardinal has shoes and most often found in the 3-line trademark.

This item is the older RF142 with the hole in back, molded toes that have been painted black to look like shoes, with the blue Goebel TMK 3. It is in excellent condition...no cracks, chips, crazing, or paint rubs (which many of the ones used as spoon rests may have) .

I have included the picture of the variation in toes and black painted toes of this item. I also have the other version on Ebay.

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