GOEBEL Hummel "Chimney Sweep" TMK 2 - Mold 13 Stamp Not 12 - Error? Flaws

For sale, a Goebel/Hummel Figurine - Chimney Sweep 12/2/0 - 4" tall - TMK 2 Full Bee. (see below regarding mold number error?).
Originally called Smokey.
There is a chip on the bottom - see photos.
The unusual thing about this piece is that the number 13 is on the bottom - not 12. Also, not 13/2/0, just 13. This piece should be mold # 12/2/0 (I think).
I have included several photos of this and had 2 other people look at it to make sure it really does say "13". I leave it up to you bidders to decide if that is a mistake, or rare, or meaningless.
Also, it has Germany, rather than W. Germany or blank. (R) also is painted on in addition to the artist's mark. I have tried to find information about errors in mold number and extra notations and found nothing. If you know what is going on with this piece I would appreciate being educated.
There is some crazing on the bottom.
This, and the others I am selling, are from my personal collection acquired within the last 10 years or so.
Free Shipping to US.
Thank you for your interest.