Gold Bearing Quartz Stone California 1.95 grams Genuine #Q36

This 1.95 gram gold bearing quartz slice was found in the Sierra Mining District of Northern California. The Stones average 2.3 MM thick and can be cut into smaller stones. The gold was formed in quartz deposits and when erosion took place these veins of gold would break out into the rivers and form individual gold nuggets or gold flake. The gold still left in the quartz is called gold bearing quartz or was called gold lode back in the eighteen hundreds.

* All Stones are Pictured or Partially Pictured with a U.S. Quarter to give you an idea of Size Proportion.

Gold QuartzInformation:

What is it? Gold was formed in quartz deposit by hydro-thermal pressure within the earth millions of years ago. Gold still found in these quartz deposits is called gold quartz

Rarity Less then .00005 of all gold found annually is in gem grade gold quartz. Out of this less then 1/10 is in the higher quality material. Because of the very limited supply of natural gold quartz it is a must see while shopping in Alaska.

Where is it found? In underground hard rock mines in the same areas where gold nuggets come from. Regions of Northern California, Alaska, Canada and Australia have been well known for gems quality gold quartz

Natural ? Because of how rare real gold quartz is and hard to mine there is a company
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