GOLD: Crystalline Gold-N-Quartz! Hardrock Mining .-0.754 Grams -3/8+" Diameter.

GOLD ( Gold with Quartz Nugget )

We can call them Nuggets/Pickers/Flakes or Fines/Dust/Flour but the bottom line is they are all still Gold and add up and make a Nice addition to your collection which means $$$$. This Specimen, is a Nicer Size Nugget with Quartz. It comes to a TOTAL Weight of 0.754 Grams (over 3/4 Gram) (coming from the Gold mostly in this little piece) . It is measuring right at 3/8+" Diameter not real Big but Nice. I use a U.S. Dime ( Not included in the Purchase ) to show the actual size but also use a Micro-Camera to enlarge the Photos to show Shape and Character. WHICH THIS LITTLE PIECE HAS!

Normally when we say Gold-N-Quartz we would consider it a form of Hardrock mining, but this little piece has traveled down the river quite aways from any Mine, so we will call it Placer Mined.

Will be shipped in a Small Round Plastic Gem Container for Show & Protection .

Nice Gold-N-Quart Specimens coming from the Lafayette Ridge in No. CA and will be listing several Pieces over the next few months.

Note #2: Remember the weight of 0.754 Grams is a total weight for the Gold & Quartz.

Listed as 0.75 Grams. Scale shows 0.754 Grams although some New Gold Buyers may complain about 1/100th of a Gram ( only a difference of around a Dime in most cases!). These milligrams scales can
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