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Gorgeous, multi-dimensional, circular gold-tone pendant from Jerusalem/Holy Land. A powerful, spiritual piece. It features exquisite detailing with ornate layers of lacy gold filigree. May be gold over silver. Polishes easily. It is marked, JERUSALEM on the back. A very gothic looking piece. Also features 9 pretty blue glass faceted stones. It is a substantial piece, measuring approx. 2" in diameter. Excellent condition! c. 1940's-50's. Please email me with questions. Offered at a low starting bid without reserve.

***** The Jerusalem cross was the emblem of Templar Crusaders, and may have been the personal arms of Templar Godfrey de Bouillon.

The Jerusalem cross has four arms at equal distances, symbolizing the four directions, and the belief that Jerusalem was the spiritual center of the earth.

The more complex version of the symbol below represented the spread of Christ's message through the four evangelists (Mathew, mark, Luke, and John), who are represented by the four additional "crosslets."