Gold mining dredge Couple Jet 6

Used 6" Gold Divers Couple Jet. This unit is in excellent condition. I completely disassembled, inspected and cleaned the jet. Thought by many professional dredgers to be the best jet assembly ever made. The couple jet is adjustable for any engine, pump combination. It only requires losing 2 adjuster nuts and moving the barrel in or out until you achieve the maximum pressure. It's 360 dregs. inlet provides unbelievable suction and will smooth out the jet flow to reduce plug ups. The way these units were made, the 2 barrel parts are almost the only ware items. These are available from pipe suppliers. The large cast aluminum main body should last a lifetime if you don't drop it out of your truck. These jets haven't been in production for several years and even when they were very few of the big 6" units were ever sold due to the high price. A complete Couple Jet unit sold for over $1,000.00 from some dredge shops. This one is as good as new, with only slight rust on the barrels.