2 Nice Gold Nuggets 0.106 gram panned from a river at Baile - An - Or Scotland

2 Lovely little Gold Nuggets panned from a river in the wilds of North East Scotland,

0.106 gram of 23 ct of pure gold, The Photo of the nugget has been enlarged.

Sent to the lucky winner by registered signed for post. A 76

Photo of Baile an Or taken by Alexander Johnston in 1869

Baile - An - Or

Strath Kildonan carries the Helmsdale River south east through lonely upland country from its origin at Loch Badanloch to the North Sea at Helmsdale. It's difficult to imagine today, but in 1869 parts of Strath Kildonan were home to Scotland 's very own gold rush.

The story starts in 1818 when a nugget of gold large enough to produce a ring was found in the Helmsdale River . The ring remains in the family of the Duke of Sutherland. Fifty years later, in 1868, Robert Gilchrist, a local man who had worked in the Australian goldfields, was given permission by the Duke of Sutherland to prospect for gold in the River Helmsdale and its tributaries.

Gilchrist found significant quantities of gold in two tributaries of the Helmsdale River , the Kildonan Burn and the Suisgill Burn. Word reached the newspapers and by Spring 1869 some 600 prospectors had found their way to Strath Kildonan,

Two temporary settlements were established. One was a hutted shanty town on the edge of the Kildonan
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