GOLD Nuggets/Flakes/Dust 0.350 Grams- 2 Pcs Gold & Silver Crystalline Nuggets.

GOLD (California)

(Natural Placer Gold Nugget & Natural Silver Crystalline Nugget).

We can call them Nuggets/Pickers/Flakes or Dust/Flour but the bottom line is they are still Gold and add up and make a Nice addition to your collection. This time I am listing Two Nice Pieces, Mini-Nuggets or Pickers. One is a Gold Nugget (from a River in Alaska). While the other is a Crystalline Silver Nugget (from the Silver Crest Mine, Reno, NV Area). Both right at 6 to 8 Mesh and measuring right at 3/16+" Long. They all can be picked up by hand very easy, a Nice Total of 0.350 Grams Total Weight for the Two, with the Gold Nugget weighing 0.149 Grams and the Silver is 0.201 Grams. Similiar in Size & Shape and would make a Nice Set for the Collector. I use a U.S. Dime to show the actual size but also use a Micro-Camera to enlarge the Photos to show Shape and Character.

Most all Nuggets/Pickers/Flakes are not 100% Pure or 24 Karet. Note: I think both the Gold & Silver still has some Quartz in them. :-)

Note: Gold Prices are going up everyday lately, time to buy because most of us in the Gold Business feel Gold might get as high as $2,000.00 this Summer. ???

***Listed as 0.35 Grams. Scale shows 0.350 Grams but some people may get upset when their scale shows 1/1000th less than advertised ( a difference
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