Gold Nuggets Solid .16Gram Bullion Natural Flake Lot Scrap Alaska Pan 22k to 24k

Here's your chance to own some REAL SOLID GOLD!
Gold makes for an ideal gift for anyone and everyone! What other gift will never lose its value?
FREE SHIPPING within U.S.!!!
WEIGHT: 0.160 grams
I carefully inspect and test all of my findings so you can be confident that you're bidding on REAL NATURAL GOLD!
I weigh my gold on a digital pharmaceutical scale (accurate to .001g) and guarantee the weight. I calibrate the scale and weigh each nugget twice.
The gold in the photos is the exact gold you will receive... *IF* you're the winner!!!
Photos are enlarged to show the unique detail of each One-Of-A-Kind piece of gold! I do not edit my photos other than cropping them.
Shipping is via regular postal mail in an envelope. Your gold will be padded for protection.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and...
I am an honest and fair man and I am NOT here to scam anyone. I expect the same respect in return. I understand, things can go wrong, and I will do anything I can to fix a problem if one arises. Once I put your gold in the mail, I have no control of what happens after that. I guarantee, 100 percent, your item will be placed in a USPS Drop Box, and is in perfect condition when placed in there.

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