GOLD, PLATINUM & SILVER from Scrap - 11.2 Grams

Admittedly, I am a kitchen table scientist - So, I melted gold, platinum & sterling silver down (not an easy feat).
Then, I tried using raw mercury to adhere to one of the gold balls - it coated, and attracted small flour gold.
This auction is for 11.2 grams of combined all of the above.
I have no idea which amount of what is in these 'balls' other than I had about 3 grams of pure platinum to start.
The gold was 14K recovered from this's & that's such as 1 earring, a broken gold chain, the likes.
(The silver was to help melt the other 2 metals).
Should you have any questions, please fell free to ask - I will do my best to answer all questions.
Shipping within the U.S.only via USPS - Free
Thank you for looking - Have a beautiful moment as often as possible.