Underwater Viewing and Sniping Scope


The is a robust, light weight, high quality, 4" diameter underwater viewing scope constructed to assist the gold prospector for sniping rock crevices and searching the surface of gravels in streams and rivers.

This scope design incorporates the standard, time tested features of a black internal wall surface to reduce internal reflected light for improved viewing ability and vent openings on the lens protector to allow air to escape from the front surface of the viewing window during use.


The vents on this new device are different; they are not simple round holes but rather long slots that are more efficient for allowing water with all the air bubbles on the acrylic window surface to more rapidly pass through providing an immediate and perfect unobstructed view. The large 4" diameter viewing area is provided to allow the user to see with both eyes more comfortably and clearly than would be allowed by a long narrow 3" diameter tube design. T is a total of 25% greater viewing surface area with this model compared to 3" diameter tubes. The further away the eye is to the target (length) and the narrower the viewing area (diameter), the more the decrease in the user's ability to see targets easily and as
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