Gold Samurai Japanese LED Watch Gold Color LED watch with Blue Letter Display

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Gold Samurai Japanese Style LED Watch!

The Iron Samurai, the watch that started it all. Then came the Ice Samurai. Like bottled blood rage best served cold.

Next was the Iron Geisha, because beauty is indeed a cruel mistress. And just when we all believed that the heights of power

had indeed been scaled, comes a timepiece to dwarf everything that has come before it and shadow everything yet to be seen.

His name is...wait, if it is your habit human to read words aloud please discontinue immediately for to speak its name aloud would

bring about misfortunate of unfathomable epicness...The Gold Samurai. Yes, indeed. Bow. Now. And while bowing, you do well to quiver.

Yes. Bow and quiver. Like an arrow.
Encircle your wrist with the Gold Samurai if you dare, a timepiece from Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch alternate reality universe,

which gives its wearer both omniscience AND omnipotence in such an unexpected way that it will literally blow your mind!
You mean this watch really tells time? HAHAHAHAHA foolish mortal, this watch not only tells time, it tells Time what to do!

All the Immortals such as Time, Death, and Beauty are its servants.
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