Gold Screw Automatic Spiral Concentrator panner dredge

The Gold Screw Vibrating Automatic Panner The best made panner in the world, this 12 Volt battery powered panner will process 70 pounds of Gold bearing concentrate in one hour. Recovery rate is 96-98% down to 150 mesh (pretty small gold size). Durable, reliable, and portable, the professional or week-ender will get the Gold with this scientifically engineered spiral bowl. The Gold Screw Vibrating Automatic Panner! The first automatic spiral gold panner to use nature's way to settle gold...Vibration! A built-in cam action device creates a constant bowl vibration which with bowl rotation and water action causes the gold to sink faster into the riffle bottoms and start its travel up the spiral. The Gold Screw panner is the first to use wide-flare lead-ins into each spiral which creates a positive funnel action for quick pick up of values. Gold Screw is the first 18" 4-lead panner to be constructed in one piece. This polyurethane 3" deep dish contains no joints to trap wanted values. Key Benefits Ease of use and portability Efficiently recovers Gold down to 150 mesh - 96 to 98 % recovery Does the work for you! This Gold Screw is the Cadillac of spiral gold panners. This particular panner has been used about 15 hours. It's in awesome shape and will give tons of hours of use. The only thing not included is the 5 gallon bucket. You can ... read more