GOLD SWISS 20 FRANC BLAZER NEAR MELT 1947 B GEM.BU .900 Fine Gold .1867 oz

G.E.M. B.U (brilliant uncirculated)

A Classic European gold coin known as "Vreneli" or "Vrenelli" the Swiss Miss of Swiss lore, it features a female head with plated braided hair and facing left. She wears a garland of flowers and appears against the background of the Swiss Alps. Above her head appears the word HELVETIA, hence the name Helvetia. A large part of these gold coins is reputed to have been melted down and some of it used for subsequent coinage. These heavily sought after rare coins makes them even more valuable with each passing day.

Don't miss this short opportunity to own a rare & elusive coin that’s in such a quality condition. With so few options available for hedging against inflation during these uncertain economic times, gold is one of the safest investments. Spot Prices have steadily climbed, pushing near the $2000 an ounce and many experts believe that it may continue to rise to as high as $5000 within the next few years .

**Special note; Photo was taken from one of my actual coin's in stock but may not be one that will be shipped . All these coins though are in excellent uncirculated condition. They will be shipped with there individual coin flips in a padded USPS priority mail envelope for added protection.


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