Gold Tiger's Eye/tigereye Owl,Crystal,Gemstone


2.6"x1.3"x1.2" (66x32x31 mm)

Weight: 2.8OZ (79g) Material: Tiger Eye Condition: new Tiger Eye, also written as tigereye or tiger's eye, is only found in South Africa, Brazil, Australia and China. Tiger Eye is one of the chatoyant gemstones. This means it has a changeable silky luster when you look at it. This is caused as light is reflected from the inside of the stone. Tiger eye gets its name due to the traditional brown-orange and black coloring of the rock, like a tiger's eye. Tiger eye symbolizes clarity of mind, confidence, strength, willpower and alertness. It is said to clear visual disturbances and provide protection during travel.

This is an excellent Tiger Eye owl carving. The carving shows fantastic worksmanship.

The owl is the exact one you will receive. All pictures are taken in natural sun light.

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