I bought this set at an estate sale. The woman who lived there is 101 years old and yes, she is still alive. The two trays are identical and measure about 11" across and 7 1/2"inches wide. There is a flower design inside each tray. On the back of each tray there is a label that says GOLDEN 49er SERIES~24K GOLD ELECTROPLATE~Distr. by WMF of America, Inc.~MADE IN USA. There seemed to be a number printed on the label, but it is hard to read it. Light wear, few spots of different tone, overall the trays are beautiful and in good condition.

With the tray set I am also including salt and pepper shakers. They are 3 3/4" inches tall with a beautiful claw design. There is a bit of tarnish on them. On one of the shakers there is a label that says ELECTROPLATE 24K Gold. I am not sure if the shakers are from the same company, eventhough the label is very similar to the one on the trays.