Golden Age EC Weird Science-Fantasy #28 Apr. 1955 GD/VG 3.0 "The Inferiors"

Up for auction is a Golden Age EC Weird Science-Fantasy "Inferiors!", issue #28, April 1955 in Good to Very Good 3.0 condition and likely better. Keep in mind, I'm not a professional grader, but I have had the experience of grading hundreds of my dads collection and you can see that from my other auctions and feedback I take great care in assessing the comic book. I am working off of the Ebay Pricing Guide, so please refer to it is for reference. I try to be as conservative as possible and the imperfections for this copy are as follows;
Very good color and reflectivity. Major imperfection is the center cover crease which has a break at the top over the title. Minor stress creases and color breaks along spine. Minor staple tears. Slight blunting of top and bottom spine. Minor foxing with slight tears a top edge and scuff over top of "W". Date stamp at right corner. One slight color break in black area right and middle of right edge. Horizontal light puckering at middle right of front cover. Very slight indent at bottom right corner edge. Tape on inside of front cover over top of fold and two tears at top edge. Back cover has 3" tear at left edge near top with slight foxing. Small chip at base of spine and blunting at top spine. Crease from center book fold at top edge with minor tears from rollover along edge to crease at left
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