Golden Compass set of 11 Figures including both Battling ICE BEARS

All the figures are sealed in packages
Some of the packages have sticker goo on the bottom. None of the packages are open, but some of the clear plastic has scratches, and a few dings in the cardboard.
Included in the set are
iorek byrinson ice bear king ragnur sturlusson ice bear Serafina Pekkala Lord Asriel Lord John Faa Tony Costa Tartar Soldier Tartar Soldier #2 Lee Scoresby Mrs Coulter Lyra Belaqua
Each of the human figures comes with its specific animal (its deamon)
They are in Good Condition not saying excellent because of the sticker residue on bottom of a few of the packages.
(2nd tartar soldier is not pictured lyra is covering him up, wanted to squeeze them all in same picture but it didnt work lol)
They will be packaged with love.
Shipping will include signature confirmation
Last time these will be listed.