Golden Eagle silver coin Aquila Mongolia 2013 Mongolian Wildlife 500 togrog

Mongolian Wildlife - Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos daphanea) 500 Togrog .925 silver proof coin New coin of the Mongolian Wildlife series. The fascination which the golden eagle holds for people all over the world is evident in the way it is revered and used on coats of arms.

Country : Mongolia
Year : 2013
Face value : 500 Togrog
Metal : Silver 0.925
Weight : 25 gr.
Size : 38,61 mm
Quality : Proof
Mintage : 2.500 worldwide
Certificate of Authencity : Yes

Serie : Mongolian Wildlife

Name : Golden Eagle - Aquila Chrysaetos Daphanea

The golden eagle is amongst the largest birds of prey and is native to mountains rich in game and extensive grasslands throughout the entire northern hemisphere. This new coin shows a circling golden eagle in front of a snow-covered mountain glistening in the sunlight..

No other animal represents Mongolia better than the golden eagle gliding elegantly and majestically over the unending grass steppes. With its weight of up to 6.50 kg and 2.30 m wingspan, the golden eagle is perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions with icy winters and hot-dry summers. Owing to its size the golden eagle has no natural enemies to fear. Its immense strength and courage were used by mankind over 2000 years ago to hunt foxes and occasionally even wolves in the extensive
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