Golden Flake Store Counter Display Peanut Jar Tom's


Store Counter Display Jar

Thank you for checking out my auction please if your interested in these type of old store jars check my auctions daily I will be listing 10 to 15 of these old store jars some including several 1 gallon jars and one 2 gallon Tom's Jar, a Rare 2 gallon Golden Flake Jar, a Hershey's one gallon jar, a uncommon 2 gallon Valasic Pickle Jar, a antique Baker's Chocolate Jar, a not so old but very uncommon 2 gallon Flite Golf Ball Jar, and maybe a few more im needing to downsize my collection and needing money for x-mas not to mention.


This is a original Golden Flake Store Counter Jar.This piece measures around 10" tall with no lid and is somew around 9" wide a very large piece.The graphics are a baked on, not the cheap ones with sticker decals.This one is shaped like the tom's jar. It is the rare 2 gallon size I took the picture beside the more common 1 gallon tom's jar to give you some idea how big this unique piece is.It does have a super small Smooth flea Bite/nick on the rim but it is so small i could not even get a picture of it and as a collector of these jars this small of a nick should not effect the value of this unusual vintage 2 gallon jar.

I truly appreciate your bid thank you and God Bless!