Golden Replicas of the United States Stamps (22kt gold)

22kt Gold - Golden Replicas of United States Stamps (1997-1998)
Postal Commemorative Society
71 stamps in all 1996-1997 First Day of Issue
Proof Replicas on a gleaming surface of 22kt Gold
All Stamps in a handsome collectors album
Christmas 1996 Madonna and Child
Cycling Sprint to the Finish
Cycling Into the Turn
Happy New Year - Year of the Ox
Benjamin O. Davis Sr
Love Swans
Helping Children Learn
Merian Botanical Prints - Pineapple
Merian Botanical Prints - Citron
Pacific 97 - Stagecoach
Pacific 97 - Clipper Ship
Thornton Wilder
Raoul Wallenberg
Dinosaurs Allosaurus
Dinosaurs Brachiosaurus
Dinosaurs Camarasaurus
Dinosaurs Camptosaurus
Dinosaurs Certosaurus
Dinosaurs Corythosaurus
Dinosaurs Daspletosaurus
Dinosaurs Edmontonia
Dinosaurs Einiosaurus
Dinosaurs Goniopholis
Dinosaurs Opisthias
Dinosaurs Ornithomimus
Dinosaurs Palaeosaniwa
Dinosaurs Parasaurolophus
Dinosaurs Stegosaurus
Bugs Bunny
Pacific 97 Benjamin Franklin
Pacific 97 George Washington
Marshall Plan
Legendary Football Coaches "Bear Bryant"
Legendary Football Coaches George Halas
Legendary Football Coaches Vince Lombardi
Legendary Football Coaches "Pop" Warner
Legends of Hollywood
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