Golden Tee LIve 2010 portable home unit

the cabinet is hand made out of 3/4" oak plywood & laminated with formica. the game is set up to use the hdmi output of the lower black hdmi output. i am in no way affiliated with incredible technologies nor is this game that i put together. i am not a dealer, just a guy that built a really cool portable arcade game. the game will be shipped in the portable lockable box & the cables in the back will be unplugged for safe shipping so they will need to be plugged back in when hooking the game up. i will include a power cord & you will have to provide the hdmi cable. screen pictures are of the actual game on my older sanyo 50" plasma with the video card set at 800 x 600. the game can be played on the portable tote & when on the tote it sits about 1.5 inches lower the a factory arcade golden tee cabinet. the game is stable playing on the shipping tote ,but the hard core golden tee fans may opt to play on a sturdier table. (just saying) unit is set on free play & does not have any coin mechs or bill acceptor. top cover is hinged & does not use a lock or hasps to keep it closed. i set it up this way because there is no need for security in a home environment. this unit uses all the main components of a full size game without all of the burdens of a big heavy cabinet & unreliable monitors. & ships fedex ground ... read more