Goldstrike Honey-Hole Paydirt NUGGET IN EVERY BAG Colorado Historic Gold Panning

If you can't come to Colorado right away for one of our Mtn X-Stream nugget hunting Goldstrike Adventures, order our Goldstrike "Nugget in Every Bag" Honey Hole paydirt and bring the adventure home !

**Thank you** to all you great recreational gold prospectors across the US from Alaska to Florida, Canada and even Australia for making this our best selling item last year!!

Goldstrike Adventures EXCLUSIVE world famous "VIC'S GOLD PANNING" historic Paydirt PLUS at least one "clinker" sized nugget : You'll receive a THREE POUND+ bag of raw 1/2 inch classified excellent gold bearing material hand dug from our favorite locations... on upper North Fork of Clear Creek at a historic site that many have visited themselves called VIC' S GOLD PANNING on HWY 119 , PLUS we make sure that each bag has at least one or more genuine Colorado placer gold nuggets weighing between .050-1.50grams - approx 1/8th inch or larger inside (similar to the pictured nuggets above). Vic's Gold Panning has been open since 1957 and was featured in National Geographic Magazine in August 1969 !

We don't remove any gold from our raw paydirt material, but we add at least ONE beautiful natural Colorado gold nugget to each and every super bag of our Super Nugget Paydirt PLUS two or more nuggets to every tenth bag!!!

Vic's Gold Panning
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