Golf Dog, Cat Pet Bed, warm, comfy, washable, handmade with matching blanket

This one is great for the golf enthusiast with a little buddy at home.

This is a home made dog or cat bed with a matching blanket. I foster dogs and everyone of my foster dogs leaves with a bed and matching blanket. All proceeds go to my foster program and supplies to make new beds for my foster pups. No-pill fleece material with polyester fiberfill. Compared to assembly line dog beds they have much more fill and hold up very well when washed. I have never ran across a dog or cat that does not love them. Because of more fill in the sides the pets have a nice bed to curl up in or plenty of fill to lay their head on.

I have recently had people write and say how they love the beds to leave in their cars also. They were taking the bed from the house to the car and finally ordered a 2nd one to leave in the car. The pups love to lay in their beds in the vehicles and keeps dirty feet and any hair they might loose right in the bed. Then just wash the bed.

They fit small and medium dogs and most cats. Measuring 22 inches from outside to outside and 15 inches in the inner sleep area. Some are slightly bigger since some of the fleece stretches more than others.

I have Miniature Schnauzers - 2 of my schnauzers are around 24/25 pounds and they love these beds. I have had these beds around for years - many, many washings
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