Gomez Rivas shoes

Beautiful shoes - I wouldn't sell these if they still would fit me! Changes any simple dress or trousers for an occasion. Perfect with back for example. Draws the attention. Timeless - though the colours bring it back to early 1990's. Turquoise green parts are suede, f lowery fuchia parts are canvas with glittering gold, the point of the shoe and the frame of the flap are (I think) black suede with gold pressed on it. On the black suede flap there is the most decorative turqoise, emerald looking, cut glass pressed into a golden colour metal ornament with eight small ' emeralds ' - my photograph does not lift it up at all as it should. The heal is comfortable, about 2 inch or 5cm. European size 39 - that would be English 6. The shoes are in their original box.