GOOBERS 10-inch + 7-inch--Half Japanese/Daniel Johnston

Baron Elmo proudly presents an impossibly rare treasure fromthe catalogue of Ralph Records, home to the Residents, Snakefinger, Renaldo & the Loaf and more: Goobers, a compilation 10-inch released in 1991 on Elemental Music, a subsidary of Ralph. Subtitled “A Collection of Kids Songs,” this record features a host of unusual recording acts attempting to create music for children on their own terms. This title was issued on CD, but this vinyl edition blows the disc away in terms of sheer coolness. The record is pressed in creamy yellow vinyl and beautifully packaged in a multicolor screened foldover sleeve, designed by Half Japanese frontman Jad Fair… plus, it comes with some very swell bonus goodies. You get a Goobers paper sack (also with screened Jad Fair artwork) containing a set of thirteen flash cards, with letters from the alphabet on one side and artist credits and track info on the reverse. You also get a very special extra prize that did not come with the original Goobers ep, though it certainly qualifies as a nifty companion piece: a 7-inch single called Scary Songs For Kids , issued the same year on the same label, featuring four additional tracks from the Goobers sessions that would later appear as bonus material on the CD edition. On these two records you will find an astonishing assortment of rare goodies from

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Track listing (10-inch)

The Tinklers: Mom Cooks Inside, Dad Cooks Outside

The Stinky Puffs: Monsters

Big Butter: Humans, Animals & Plants

Foo Foo Heads: Just Be You

Daniel Johnston: Pinny Pinny

Fiction Friends: Jump Jump

Half Japanese: Inkey & Winky

Tumbleweed: Ride the Wild Horsey

Genuine Diamelles: Underdog

Naofumi Ishimaru: Koo Kai Mani

Anonymous: Animal Party

Track listing (7-inch)

Only a Mother: Baby Baby

Panther Burns: Autosapien Man

Foetus Inc.: See Dick Run

Artists Unknown: 3 – 6 – 9

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