GOODMAN BEAVER hardback book numbered and signed by H.Kurtzman & W.Elder

I know nothing about the condition grading of comics or books. These are from my late fathers collections. Please look at the photos and ask any questions before bidding. All sales are final. I am in the process of liquidating all of his assets. Many, many more comics, magazines and collectables will be listed within the next several months. Anyone interested in these items may want to watch for my future listings. I will combine shipping to save you money and myself work, so please let me know if you are bidding on another item and want me to delay sending a total. Thank you and good luck bidding.

My father had a large collection of comics which he collected for the artwork. Many of these new listings were collected for various artwork. Where the artist is evident I will list there names. Some things he collected for nostalgic reasons. He collected everything.

ps. I sold his entire collection of EC comics last year, so none of these are left. Everyone seemed to be happy with the transactions and happy with my shipping methods. I am not a pro at this so if you think you know of a way to ship that is better than what I recomend please let me know. I will not ship internationally except to Canada but from previous experience can tell you that it is not cheap! Items have to be declared and duty paid on your end. Buyer
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