A historicrare opportunity for Asgard Arts to offer this stunning new Viking painting. "The Last Rites Of Baldur". This stunning new painting captures the final journey of Baldur. Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg. He spread light and goodwill wherever he went but, inevitably, evoked the envy of the bitter god Loki, who plotted his tragic death.
The painting takes the viewer close to the launching of the burning longship. It is a scene that has not been depicted often by painters. Goodman, the Artist, was determined to show the sheer physical effort involved, and the obvious grief among those watching the colossal task.
Baldur's body has been laid on a pyre in his longship and then covered in treasure and decorated with flowers and thorns, the emblems of sleep. His ship is set aflame and is being pushed out to sea by the bravest of the Viking warriors.
The dynamics of launching the longship were problematical. For instance, the Vikings would have to wait until there was an offshore breeze so that the flames would burn away from them as they pushed out the ship. It would be feasible to also wait until the tide was receding, again helping the ship out to sea.
The Viking assigned the honoured task of setting light to the pyre would probably have been the Vikings' leader. It would be a painful moment for him,
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