Goonies One-Eyed Willy Treasure Map, Pirate Gold, Prop

Hey! You Goonies!!! Now is your chance to finally own the Treasure Map of One-Eyed Willy from my old dusty attic to yours. I obtained this map from a professional prop maker that is well known for his attention to detail.

Many hours of research on old 17 th century Spanish nautical maps were used to help decipher and match exactly what was on the map in the film. Forensic photo enhancements on movie screen captures were also used to help read what was on the map in the film to help create this high-quality replica.

It was made using thick high-grade artist paper and is a pure masterpiece. It's also in the same perfect condition that I received it in. No tears and no marks! It measures 13 x 22 inches, hand-made and hand-aged, and has a hemp string attached for tying when rolled up! The center compass is also gold-leafed!

The original prop, as well as the screen captures I mentioned above was used in creating this using the grid method to copy every inch down to the very detail to be exact as the original. Every technique used to make the original prop was also used to make this one. The aging process used has even given the paper the look and feel of real animal skin parchment. After comparing this to the picture of the map prop in the published Goonies movie book and the hero prop in the film, I could not
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