Goorin Brothers Hat "WIGWAM" LR RARE From Minna 1333 Collection NWT Grafitti

This is one of the rare old minna collection goorin brothers hats it was a limited production hat and is no where in the collectors world. It is called Wigwam and this hand stitched with a silk interlining depicts ancient Mayan and Aztec creation lines and each hat was created uniquely in design making them all individual. This particular hat has never been worn and comes with collectors tags. You might notice that I do have some other minna hats up for sale and in the photos there is an image with some more of my collection that is up for bid so if there is another one u are interested in let me know and it may be up for grabs. All are priced around the same will work out deals for multiple hats and will except other minna trades, and most of my hats are med, large or XL. This particular hat is avail in L or XL but I do have goorin brothers padded hat tape that will make a large a med