Goosebump Lot Give yourself goosebumps ghosts of fear street series 2000

This is a lot of assorted Goosebumps as follows: I tried to describe the best I could, they are all very readable copys, and over all in average shape. Any questions please ask, shippping is Media mail and shipping only to the lower 48 states.
Give yourself Goosebumps
#6 Beware of the purple peanut butter-Library copy, creased cover, name inside.
#12 Welcome to the wicked wax museum-crease on cover
#14 The creepy creations of professor shock- Library copy, creases on cover, name inside, pages worn
#39 Scary Birthday to you! - very good
#42 Danger Time - very good
#42 All-day nightmare - Very good
Special edition #5 The curse of the cave creatures - very good
Series 2000
#1 Cry of the cat - good- back advertisment missing
#2 Bride of the living Dummy - One page torn and taped
#4 Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 1 - Library copy, card missing, name inside and out
Ghosts of fear street
#1 Hide and shriek - very good
#3 The attack of the aqua apes - good
#4 Nightmare in 3-D - Very good
Tales to give you goosebumps
Special edition #1 - Library copy, name inside, number on cover, crease on cover, spine worn a little
More and more tales to give you gossebumps
Special edition #5 - Library Copy
Monster Blood for Breakfast! -
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