Goretex trousers Large MVP MTP NEW Army lightweight SF Fishing Shooting Hunting

UK Special Forces Lightweight Goretex MVP Trousers
MVP is a version of Goretex developed to reduce weight. Really excellent peice of kit. Tough, robust but lightweight and QUIET when you move in it!
Size: Large. Height from ankle to waist is 105cm (41 inches). Waist is 90cm (35.5 inches) Remember there is a waist drawstring to tighten so it easily fits down to 32 inches!
Because the material is lightweight and thinner than most Goretex Trousers I think, the trouser does not have to be too much bigger than the trousers you are wearing it over the top as because it moves very easily close to the trousers beneath.
Weight: only 413 grams - excellent when you consider you are often carrying it if not wearing it.
Packs down very small (about the size of a 1 litre issue water bottle).
Features: Velcro adjustable ankle cuffs Full-length of outside leg double zips - makes the trousers easy and quick to put on over other trousers and while wearing any boots - even with crampons. Also enables easy access to original trouser pockets. Watertight zips Velcro secured wind and sand guard flap on main zip Elastic drawstring on waist to make it fit all sizes below 36 inch waist.. Pockets: 2 upper arm velcro pockets PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE MATCHING JACKET I AM SELLING AT THE LINK IN THE NOTE BELOW!

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