GORGEOUS 14k Gold Magic Glo DIAMOND Ring WOW!!

GORGEOUS 14k Gold Magic Glo DIAMOND Ring WOW!!


This beautiful gold ring is approx 5/8 " diameter (not sure what ring size that equates to.) and weighs approx 3 grams. Engraved on the inner ring is:

NO stones are missing...

We got this ring in a box lot of Jewelry at an estate sale, I took it to Jared (a jewelry store) and the guy said WITHOUT a doubt that they are REAL diamonds, but without a proper appraisal he couldn't give us a price. (But since it was going to cost $85 for the appraisal, I decided NOT to.) So this could be a DEAL OF A LIFETIME!!!! I am NOT making any claims that the diamonds are real, just going by what the guy said at the jewelry store. So PLEASE decide for yourself.

I found this exact ring in an ebay store going for $99, but even they said it was probably worth $400-$500+ in an antique gallery. ( /14k-Diamond-Double-Step-Anniversary-Band-Ring-1Carat-TW_W0QQitemZ110153412252QQihZ001QQcategoryZ52571QQcmdZViewItem )

Decide for yourself, we got a GREAT deal on it, so we are passing that deal on to our customer!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to see more pics please let me know.

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