Gorgeous 1929 Italian Lenci Boy Doll from Series 300 in Good Condition

This rather sulky little boy doll is a relisting by way of huge thanks to a very kind ebayer; I had previously listed him without knowing his origins and that he was actually a highly collectable Lenci doll from series 300 and dating back to 1929. Whilst I don't want to be unfair on all the watchers he already had (so many had found him), I also don't want to be unfair on any collector either that they can't find him without the correct listing title. Therefore I have relisted leaving the description below as I had originally written (so people can see I haven't changed his conditon etc & are still being true to what he is) & have put him back on ebay at the price he had reached when I cancelled the listing originally. That way I feel I am allowing his true value to be realised, and I am not being greedy listing him at a suddenly inflated price! I trust I have done the right thing by all - other than those thinking they found a mis-listed hidden bargain (sorry!) and hope he will now find the appropriate & loving home this rare little boy deserves.

NB. There is a Lenci Doll website which is very helpful & shows him listed in the 1929 catalogue - sadly he is without the yoke & milk pales as you can see....

A gorgeous, albeit a little grumpy looking, vintage dutch boy doll in full cotume with some
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