Gorgeous Art Deco 8 Day Marble Mantel Clock + Garnitures Dancer Statue 1930s

Gorgeous & Authentic Art Deco Mantel Clock With Garnitures.

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Origin: France.

Date: 1930 +/-.

Maker: C. F. Exacta.

Materials: The clockcase and the garnitures are made out of marble and adorned with greenish onyx elements. The marble shows a complex carved pattern and one can imagine how much work it must have been to create such a wonderful, unique piece. The dial face is framed by red-colored marble, the top of the clockcase and parts of the garnitures are made with the same red marble. Above the clockcase is a nickel-plated female dancer, balancing a ball.

The dial face shows strict geometrical, arabic numbers on golden ground. The beveled dial glass cover is still original.

Movement: The clock is equipped with with an eight day movement, completely made out of brass elements. The clock chimes the half hours once and the full hours fully on a silver-plated brass bell (clear tone). The movement is marked with Exacta and several numbers, it has been recently serviced by a clockmaker and keeps the time accurately.

Condition: The entire mantel clock is in very good, used condition. The statue had once a second ball in her other hand, which is missing. There is a smaller loss of nickel plate on her left arm. The clock
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