I'm calling this just a plain "holder" as some call it a hatpin holder and others say toothbrush holder, so holder. It has a beautiful stag on the front. The bottom says"J.F.W.Leman,Foley Potteries, Staffordshire, England and in the center of a wreath-like form is STAG - the name of the pattern. NOW, NOTE: This piece does have issues. See the second photo and you can see the teeny chip out near the top, on the back and down from that comes a VERY tight hairline. I guess it started out with three tiny (1/4 inch or so) cracks at the back top and from t it made the teeny chip and down into the curved hairline - all tight, all secure, and I have even washed it with no problems at all but it is t and tfore a very low price for such a great graphic 19th century piece. This damage is on the back - the front is perfect. The piece measures 5 1/2 inches high and is 2 7/8 inches across the top and across the bottom.

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