This is an absolutely STUNNING large oval crystal banana bowl seated on an Elegant diamond shaped pedestal. The rim is smooth on edges with Gorgeous patterned cuts. It measures approximately 7.5" tall, 12" long by 6 .5" wide with a 6" by 4.75" base. Tag says: "Bohemia, Czech Republic, Lead Crystal over 24 % Pbo." This bowl is new. This bowl would look stunning filled with fresh fruit. This would be a wonderful focal point for an entrance table. It would also make a very impressive gift.

The long tradition of Czech crystal glass is based mainly on hand made products of the highest craftsmanship, skills, art and quality standards of the Czech glassmakers, glass blowers, glasscutters and designers. To give the crystal a dramatic or exotic appearance, a specific blend of colors is added to the basic crystal glass formula to create transparent pink, red, light blue, gold and green undertones. The designs are beautiful with many facets to reflect light, the more precise the cut, the more valuable the crystal creation. Some Bohemia Crystal glass creations are further beautified with gold-plated and enameled designs to give them the ultimate statement of timeless beauty and elegance.