~Gorgeous FIRE_Koroit Opal Rub_PreShaped_5CTW_BEAUTY_!~


~Gorgeous FIRE_Koroit Opal Rub_PreShaped_5CTW_BEAUTY_!~

Description :

All of our Opals are solids (No doublets or triplets). In my opinion Koroit Opals

are the most beautiful in all the world. The nice thing about these Opals are that

almost every one is different from the next.

Most of the Opals we sell have been mined by myself and I've sold thousands of

these over the past ten years or so. We photograph them outdoors with the stone wet

(standard procedure for rough product to better display what they should look like

after polishing.)

Most of the Opals we sell are "rubs" not polished or finished stones. The only

way to best display the fire on a rough Opal is to photograph it wet-- when dry the

fire will not show as good until after you polish it.

We'll be listing lots of Opals and other gem material so check out our other

auctions if you would!

If you should have a problem with any of our Opals just let us know- We very easy

to deal with.


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