Gorgeous HIGH GRADE Bari MATADOR Freehand Pipe -O1

You are bidding on a beautiful Danish High Grade Straight Blasted grain Bari Matador freehand pipe
" Matador" is the spanish name for Bullfighter and if you'll look closely at the shape it resembles the Matador's ondulating red cape This is top of the line pipe and you can see the straight blasted grain up and down the entire bowl and beautiful rings going around This is a high quality pipe for an elegant man and a real beauty
The stem is shiny black and crispy
Clearly marked : Bari Matador, Hand Made in Denmark
Approximate Measurements
Pipe length: 6 1/2" Bowl Height: 2 1/4" Bowl Width: 1 3/4" x 2 1/2" Chamber Width: 7/8" Chamber Depth: 2"
Bari owner Viggo Nielsen started his pipemaking career in 1945, working with native Danish woods because briar was in short supply during and following World War II. He was finally able to acquire some briar in 1951, the same year his son Kai was born, and he started making briar pipes. He went on to found the Bari pipe factory, where both his sons, Kai and Jorgen worked to make extra money, and where Kai became a full-time Bari employee in 1972. Both sons would go on to become world-class pipemakers in their own right