Gorgeous Jim Craig Custom Hunting Knife! Jigged Bone!!

Offered for your consideration is an absolutely gorgeous custom hunting knife from custom maker Jim Craig. I know almost nothing about this maker. T was a Knifemaker's Guild member named Jim Craig out of Missouri listed several years ago, but the 2008 directory does not list him. The directory indicated he had been making knives professionally since 1975 and this knife was certainly made by someone with vast experiance.

The knife is beautifully made and the craftsmanship, fit, and finish are outstanding. The jigged bone handles are perhaps the finest and most beautiful I've seen. The knife was exceptionally well designed and made. The thick blade is nicely ground and the symmetry is perfect, although I'm not sure what kind of steel was used. The blade looks to have been hand polished to a mirror finish. The bolsters were also polished to a mirror finish and serve as an excellent visual transition from blade to handle. The handles are really the highlight of this knife. They have a rich, deep honey and molasses color and the bone was just beautifully jigged. The jigging has a burnished look, while the surfaces were polished to a glass-like finish. It's really a stunning look. The handles are secured with two brass pins as well as a mosaic pin at the butt. The bone rides on deep red liners which really light up the handle.
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