Gorgeous little H&K Tunstall vase - Hollinshead Kirkham

I love H&K Tunstall! This lovely rustic English pottery was very popular in the thirties, and remains a favorite of devoted collectors around the world. This particular little vase measures barely 4-1/2 inches tall, and a smidge under three inches at the widest point. It is decorated in a deep blue, shades of rose, mauve, green, amber, brown, and purple. The front features a purple flower (possibly a peony?) and the back features a rose-colored flower of the same type.

This particular vase bears the stamp of H&K Tunstall in black. It is a rampant lion, above the words MADE IN ENGLAND, and H&K TUNSTALL. To one side of the stamp is a hand-written notation. I can't tell if this is a number with an initial next to it, or a name. I'm sure t's a Tunstall afficionado out t who knows what this means but I'm afraid I'm not up to speed on this. This vase is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, flakes, or pops. It does have a tiny little "bump" about the size of a pencil point on one side. This is something that happened in the manufacturing process as it is under the paint and glaze. This does not affect the beauty of this little vase at all.

This is an early piece of Hollinshead & Kirkham Tunstall pottery (also known as Hollingshead & Kirkham), and quite appealing. I know it's early because I
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