is a lot of 42 PEC. of very lovely vintage aurora borealis and rhinestone jewelry t are necklaces / sets of earrings / a crystal bracelet some sets and more. T is a set of rhinestone earrings signed WEISS and a set of blue aurora earrings signed WEST. GERMANY both set are very nice. T is a lovely aurora and enamel brooch signed ART. it has one stone off I have the stone you can put it back on it. T is a set a blue aurora boreal a brooch and earrings they are lovely. T are 15 necklaces 7 are aurora 2 of them have 3 strains and 4 have 2 strands the colors are great when the light hits them. T is a rhinestone set a necklace and bracelet with a heart on them. T is a 3 peice set a necklace bracelet and earrings with roses and small aurora stones nice. T is a great brooch with 3 flowers its rhinestone its in great condition very nice. The aurora bracelet has one crystal missing t is a set of smoke color rhinestone earrings 2 small stones are missing easy to replace they are nice. The aurora borealis jewelry is just gorgeous when the light hits them they have many lovely colors to them very nice.T are more nice things this lot is gorgeous they are in vey good condition afew have a stone or two missing not many just afew almost all are in great condition some may need to be clean alittle. T is a necklace that needs a chain and 2 small stones ... read more