Gorgeous Pete Scherzer Blue Mug New

Exceptional Pete Scherzer earthenware blue mug

Measures: 3" diameter, 3" high

This is just one part of my large collection. I will also be listing work from Warren's students and his contemporaries.
Pete's artist statement:
When I began working in ceramics, I focused entirely on pots that could be used on a daily basis. Over time, the bowls, mugs, pitchers, and other objects I made for casual use became more complex and exaggerated. Originally I tried to keep this aspect secondary so it would not interfere with the austerity I considered crucial to a good pot. However, pottery is not limited merely to addressing functional concerns: comfort and accessibility are crucial but cannot solely define an idea or guarantee successful results. My pots are meant to embellish their setting and bring attention to the function they perform. They exist as intriguing, theatrical compositions that produce unexpected visual displays in a familiar object. The pots put on a show and ask for attention. Their use creates a peculiar presentation rather than simply dealing with service. Energy and complexity in the composition produce bits of humor or luxurious indulgence. Historical associations, form, surface and function all combine and interact. The effects of these elements on a pot provide guidance to my inquiries and explorations
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