Fabulous Sherman AB Brooch!

Oh, the color and fire in this brooch! Even the photos do not do it justice. The brooch is Sherman but the earrings that match are not, sorry. Both are in excellant condition. The clip on earrings are darling...really light in weight and are a perfect match! I will include the lovely Sherman box as well.

Gustave Sherman was a Canadian Jewelry Designer who began the company in Montreal. He used only SWAROVSKI crystals from Austria in his pieces. The back of the pin is gold plated as Sherman demanded that most of the surfaces be rhodium plated, japanned or gold plated so that even today his pieces show no wear, or tarnish. Many Sherman pieces go for hundreds of dollars as they are so sought after today. Sherman designed rhinestone jewelry from the late forties to the late seventies or early eighties. This piece is just a beauty...looks like it has never been worn. I bought it at an Estate sale years ago and never wore it myself. I have a high price on this because it is in such good condition and the color is no doubt one of the most desirable. I have checked out the entire piece front and back and you will certainly not be disappointed when you receive this BEAUTIFUL BIG BLING BROOCH!

I will have to ship this in a box, not in a padded envelope. I can ship expedite to anyw in Canada
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