Gorgeous Vintage Uneeda Dollikin 19" Doll in Original Clothes, NIB!!

"The Original Doll Mannikin" Dollikin by Uneeda. This one was found new in the box, never removed or played with. I had to remove the plastic from her hair and face to take pictures. About the doll:

Your Dollikin has 16 separate movable joints. It is much more than "just a doll."

1. The neck pivots and bends gracefully to all positions.

2. The arms are movable in three places: a) the shoulder socket. b) between shoulder and elbow. c) the elbow joint.

3. The wrists are flexible and the hands can be turned and bent to many positions.

4. The waist is more naturally flexible and can be turned and bent to many positions.

5. The hip joints are also very movable and legs can be posed in many ways.

6. The knees are more graceful and the legs can bend from straight to a full bned.

7. The ankles are also movable and the feet can be placed from the flat standing position to high on the toes.

Her shoes seem to not want to stay on, so maybe there is another way to bend the elastic. Also her right foot has a mark, which I do not know if it is dirt or something else, not very noticeable but wanted to mention it. As said, she is new in the box, never removed.

Please ask any questions before placing your bid. Our items come from estates, so we offer unique items, mostly vintage.
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